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DPE and CPE Feasibility Studies

The 1991 Road Traffic Act allowed Highway Authorities to take over the responsibility for the management of parking restrictions from the Police. There are now only a very small minority of authorities in England and Scotland who haven’t yet taken decriminalised enforcement powers from the Police.

Some Councils outside of London are now also enforcing bus lanes. When enacted, Part 6 of the 2004 Traffic Management Act, introduced in 2008 will give authorities  in England further powers for managing yellow box junctions, prohibited turns and other moving contraventions. Part 6 has already  been enacted in Wales and the powers are already in use in Cardiff.

Feasibility studies provide a 5 year business plan as a minimum with opitions appraisals for variants on service delivery.

The study looks at questions such as:

  • What is the Council’s policy towards parking management?
  • How can DPE / CPE help deliver the Council’s wider transport objectives?
  • What model or scale of operation could be adopted?
  • What is the financial case for implementing DPE / CPE?
  • What are the best options for cost effective delivery of the service?
  • What will the IT strategy be?
  • How will the administration service of the parking management function be delivered?
  • What opportunities are there for Councils working together to achieve consistency and economies of scale?

The solution for every Council is different. There is no “one size fits all” model. Therefore RTAA would work with you and develop a model that works for your area. We can adopt a bottom-up approach to identify accurately the costs of implementation and the likely enforcement requirements for your area. We can also carry out a desk-top exercise to give you an overview of all the issues and their implications.

Because of our experience we can confidently describe the issues or present results to officers and Councillors and answer the majority of the questions about DPE or CPE that you may have been struggling with. Therefore a feasibility study is a very efficient way to identify full costs and consequences, thus enabling Councillors and officers to make informed decisions before proceeding to full implementation.

RTAA – DPE and CPE implementation

Implementing an agreed strategy for introducing Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) in England and Wales and Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) in Scotland can be a daunting task. That is where RTA Associates has the experience to help you.

Following on from a feasibility study, or from an agreed set of Council objectives, we can assist you with as many or as few processes as you wish depending on your internal resources and your timescales.

Just some of the issues to consider are:

  • TRO and MTO checks and review
  • SEA/CEA application to DfT or WG, SPA application to SG
  • Enforcement provision
  • Enforcement policies and procedures
  • IT procurement and systems upgrades for notice processing
  • Notice processing policies, procedures and criteria

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