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RTAA was formed in 1991 and has been helping local authorities ever since in all aspects of their parking operations. We now have many years specialist experience of parking, traffic management, IT systems, contracts, GIS, surveying and more. Read our Profile. Dip into our case studies. Or contact us for more information.


RTAA Traffic and parking surveys On and Off street

Councils have identified the need for parking and highways surveys for all sorts of reasons and we offer our experience of all of these. You may need:

  • A complete review of all of your traffic regulation orders and moving traffic orders
  • A record of the exact on-the-ground location of parking and waiting restrictions
  • A record (including digital photographs) of the condition of your parking lines and signs
  • An inventory of all your traffic signs
  • Hourly or other time-repeated counts of number of vehicles in a car park
  • Length of stay of vehicles in a car park
  • Compliance with yellow line and limited waiting on-street parking restrictions
  • Repeat monitoring (every 6 or 12 months) of survey beats to assess trends over time
  • Measurement of kerb capacity available for residents’ parking scheme
  • Survey of use of a residents’ parking scheme or other restricted parking scheme
  • Check of use of a parking facility by ticket/permit type
  • Asset management surveys on the highway

We are able to help you identify the need for a survey, plan the work and carry it out, presenting you with a report. In conjunction with our mapping section we can present many of the results in map format or as GIS layers.

RTAA surveyors are able to travel to all parts of the country to carry out a wide range of surveys. Because they are mobile, you will always get an experienced surveyor and therefore a better end result. If you have a particular issue where you think we could help, please contact us.