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RTAA was formed in 1991 and has been helping local authorities ever since in all aspects of their parking operations. We now have many years specialist experience of parking, traffic management, IT systems, contracts, GIS, surveying and more. Read our Profile. Dip into our case studies. Or contact us for more information.


RTAA Case Study

Joint Notice Processing Unit - North Wales

Following the recommendations of the Gershon report about joint-working and efficiencies within Local Government, we assisted the Highways Authorities in North Wales to set up a joint PCN processing centre. Currently one authority, Denbighshire County Council, runs this dual-language centre on behalf of five others through service level agreements and linked IT systems.

One of our consultants worked with all of the Councils advising them on issues such as financial business plans for joint-working versus stand alone processing, parking policy decision making and the operating agreement. Another RTAA consultant worked with the IT suppliers and the IT departments in Denbighshire and the other Councils to ensure compatibility between different data provision and operating systems. This is an ongoing project and three other partners are due to join by the end of 2012