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RTAA was formed in 1991 and has been helping local authorities ever since in all aspects of their parking operations. We now have many years specialist experience of parking, traffic management, IT systems, contracts, GIS, surveying and more. Read our Profile. Dip into our case studies. Or contact us for more information.


RTAA - DPE and CPE implementation

Implementing an agreed strategy for introducing Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) in England and Wales and Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) in Scotland can be a daunting task. That is where RTA Associates has the experience to help you.

Following on from a feasibility study, or from an agreed set of Council objectives, we can assist you with as many or as few processes as you wish depending on your internal resources and your timescales.

Just some of the issues to consider are:

  • TRO and MTO appropriateness check and review
  • SEA/CEA application to DfT or WAG, SPA application to SG
  • Enforcement provision
  • Enforcement policies and procedures
  • IT procurement and systems upgrades for notice processing
  • Notice processing policies, procedures and criteria
  • Outsourcing services, contract specifications, tendering processes and evaluations
  • Training of staff
  • Writing new, revised and consolidated TROs and off street parking places orders
  • Public awareness and information
  • Enforcement objectives, priorities and monitoring
  • Advice on legislation and legal implications

RTA Associates has carried out all of the above tasks and more for many local authority clients. We are an independent consultancy with experience right back to the original DPE projects in London in 1991. Since then we have helped over 150 local authorities implement DPE and CPE implementations. Because we specialise in parking and systems consultancy our expertise is second to none.